MagicSpam One-Command Installation Guide

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MagicSpam One-Command Installation Guide

Post by magicspam » Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:27 pm

In this guide, you will learn how to install MagicSpam on your server using the One-Command Installation.

Before starting, make sure to have the following at hand:
  • information on the web panel, operating system and architecture of the server
  • access to the command line terminal as 'root' user on the server
  • a valid MagicSpam license key
Note that you can purchase a MagicSpam license key from an authorized reseller in your area or directly from our webstore.

Now that you have everything needed to install MagicSpam, access the command line terminal as the 'root' user on the server and run the following command with the <license key> placeholder replaced with your valid MagicSpam license key.

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bash <(wget -qO- -l <license key>
The command will download and run the installer script which automatically detects the web panel, operating system and architecture of the server before installing the appropriate MagicSpam product based on the license key and detected server information. You will see similar output from running the command when MagicSpam is successfully installed:
Running MagicSpam Installer Script 1
Validating command line arguments and system
Downloading the MagicSpam installation package for Cpanel on Rhel764
Installing the MagicSpam installation package /tmp/magicspampro-cpanel-2.1-14.1-rhel764-cpnl11.x86_64.rpm
<server specific installation output>
Completed MagicSpam Installation

These are some possible issues that may crop up during the installation process along with the steps to resolve them.

Duplicate or old script
ERROR: Detected duplicate installer script, delete this script and all duplicates and run full command again
ERROR: Newer version of script is now available, delete this script and run full command again
These error messages will be returned when duplicate or old scripts are detected. In both cases, delete the duplicate or old script before running the installation command again. For example:

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Auto-detection failure
ERROR: Failed to detect web panel
ERROR: Failed to detect operating system
ERROR: Failed to detect architecture
These error messages are returned when the script is unable to automatically detect the web panel, operating or architecture of the system. You will want to manually specify the the web panel, operating system or architecture using the -w, -o or -a flags respectively. For example, assuming you want to install MagicSpam on a cPanel server running on Redhat7 64-bit:

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bash <(wget -qO- -l <license key> -w cpanel -o rhel7 -a 64
If you need more information on these optional flags, run the following command:

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bash <(wget -qO- -h
Invalid license key
ERROR: Disabled License
ERROR: Expired License
These error messages are returned when the script detects an disabled or expired license key. You will have to purchase a new MagicSpam license key and run the command again with the new license key.

Additional Support
If you encounter any issue that's not covered in the Troubleshooting section, contact us via the Support Contact Form and include the command you ran along with the full verbose output. You can run the command in verbose mode by including the -v flag:

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bash <(wget -qO- -l <license key> -v
-- MagicSpam Support Team --

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