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Block sender domain

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 9:53 am
by ultraprovedor
Hi magicspam,

We know spammers usually send the same spam from dozens of mailboxes from the same domain.

Considering there already are alerts about the risk of using wildcards, wouldn't it be fair to allow the user the choose to block the domain right from logsearch screen, it would just need add "Block sender domain" together with "Block sender".

Re: Block sender domain

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:34 am
by magicspam
Hello ultraprovedor,

Thank you for your post.

As blacklisting entire domains can bring your server at risk of blocking valid domains for your customers, blacklisting using wildcards is only available via the:

Anti-Spam / Exemptions

section in MagicSpam admin-interface panel.

Currently there are no plans on allowing this feature from the MagicSpam log search directly.

We hope this information helps.

Thank you for choosing MagicSpam.

Re: Block sender domain

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:17 am
by ultraprovedor

I think that allowing the user to do, but in a harder way, is not the best option and does not mean you're helping your customers, once they already can do it manually using the wildcards.

Think about the whole process - If I'm analyzing logs and identify a several addresses of one domain, why wouldn't I be able to block the domain in the same screen? The way it's now, the user is forced to note the domains, navigate to another screen, add one by one, eventually go back to the log screen, set same filters as before, to continue the analyzis.

So the message sent to your customers is: "I, particularlly, judge it's risky to you, so I'll make it more difficult and you may think twice". Giving users the freedom of taking risks if it's their will, and use the feature to block/allow whoever they want in the easiest way is not bad idea.

I kindly hope you think about it again.

Ultra Provedor.

Re: Block sender domain

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:39 am
by magicspam
Hello ultraprovedor,

Thank you for feedback.

As MagicSpam should be able to prevent the most of the spam in your system, there should not be too many instances where blocking entire domain is necessary.

We would be more than happy to review the uncaught spam in your system and suggest any changes to improve the spam filtering in your system. In order for us to review the uncaught spam in your system, please send an email to our support team: with MagicSpam logs for examination.

To retrieve MagicSpam logs, you can use the MagicSpam interface and access the "Logs" tab. In the log search result output, you have the option to export/save the log search results to a CSV file. Please Email the CSV file as an attachment to us.

Please also make sure that you remove entries where mua=yes and highlight only HAM entries that are spam from the domains in question.

Also, can you please send us screenshots of the following two tabs in your MagicSpam control panel:

* Anti-Spam / Spam Policies
* Anti-Spam / IP Reputation

This additional information will help us better understand the nature of the uncaught spam you are receiving, and will assist us in making suggestions for how to improve your filtering.

Furthermore, we have now passed your request to include blacklisting entire domains from the MagicSpam log search to our development for further consideration.

Thank you again for your feedback.