Maximum inbound messages permitted

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Maximum inbound messages permitted

Post by bsandor » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:48 pm

Dear Support!

Today we had the possibility to test the "Maximum inbound messages permitted" functionality of Magic Spam Pro becouse one of our client's partner exceeded the default limit.

I have set the “Administration Email Address:” but I did not get any e-mail about this case form Magic Spam Pro modul but I got a telephone call from our client. They explained to me that they are not able to receive any e-mails from one of their partners. First I thought that it is a problem on the partner side but I also check the logs in Magic Spam. I noticed the warnings in the log RATELIMIT[inbound] next to each line, After it I checked the “Settings/Rate Limiters” tab and I found the IP address of the SMTP server of their partner.

My question is that the logged letters with the warning RATELIMIT[inbound] are sent back to the Sender or to the SMTP server of the Sender? Do tha Sender get any information, error message in an e-mail about the restricition? Do I had to get an e-mail about it (I did not get any!)?

Thank you for your help in advanced and I wish you all the best!


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Re: Maximum inbound messages permitted

Post by magicspam » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:45 pm

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your post.

Notifications about remote senders being ratelimited are not sent to the administrators email, however, when the remote sender gets ratelimited by your server, the automated rejection email is sent from your server to the sender with the following message:

550-5.5.1 You have sent too much mail. Try again later.. Protection provided by
550 MagicSpam 2.1-5.2
Connection closed by foreign host.

We hope that this information helps.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.
-- MagicSpam Support Team --

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