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ip blacklisted?

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:25 am
by r_am
Hi, I checked in mips, spamrats and the typical blacklists and the mail server IP address is not blacklisted, but still being rejected by magic spam, the only issue I found is in some servers where I or customers of mine have magicspam installed. One rejected sender IP is, Error is:

"said: 550 5.7.0 You have been blacklisted. See ... our-users/ for more information.. Protection provided by MagicSpam 2.1-10.3 (in reply to RCPT TO command)"

Can I do something? thanks.

Re: ip blacklisted?

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:09 am
by magicspam
Hello r_am

Thank you for contacting us.

If you follow the URL in the rejection notice, you should find detailed information as to why your message was blocked:

e.g: ... our-users/

Based on the rejection notice, the reason for the rejection is that your sending IP or email address have been blacklisted by the recipient or the administrator of the remote server. In this case, we would suggest reaching out to the intended recipient via alternative means to remove the blacklist, or the postmaster of the domain in question, in case you have been blacklisted by the administrator on the global level.

We hope this information helps.