My MagicSpam key "MSP.XXXXXXXX.XXX" appears to be invalid!

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My MagicSpam key "MSP.XXXXXXXX.XXX" appears to be invalid!

Post by magicspam » Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:36 pm

I entered my key (MSP.XXXXXXXXX.XXXX) in the MagicSpam user interface, but I get an error message saying it's invalid. What's going on?
If you have a license key starting with "MSP" followed by a . (dot), that is a Parallels purchased license.

You must enter that key in the Plesk License Manager interface, instead of the MagicSpam interface. To do so:

1.) Go to "Tools & Settings"
2.) Under the "Plesk" section, click on "License Management"
3.) Click on "Additional License Keys" at the top.
4.) Click on "Install Key"
5.) Enter your "MSP.XXXXXXXX.XXXX" license key under the "Enter an activation code" field.

If everything is successful, Plesk will unlock, download, and install the proper license from the Parallels storefront servers.

Please install MagicSpam once the Plesk license manager has the proper MagicSpam license key.

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