License key registration issue in Plesk running on Virtuoso

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License key registration issue in Plesk running on Virtuoso

Post by magicspam » Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:31 pm

I am getting an error when registering my license key in Plesk:

Remote server said: You must provide a permitted use code or plesk license key. [400]

This is most likely due to your Plesk running in a Virtuoso enviornment, which uses a special naming convention for network interfaces.

To mitigate this, please perform the following steps:

1. run "ifconfig" from the server's command prompt and look for "venet0" network interface names.

2. for each of listed venet0 interfaces, there is a corresponding line "inet addr:"
look for the first "inet addr:<IP Address>" entry after "inet addr:" and note down the interface name
(Normally this is "venet0:0". We will use this as the example interface name from now on.)

3. with the interface name (e.g. "venet0:0") and its corresponding <IP Address>, run the following command in your server:
(e.g reformat venet0:0 to venet-0:0, and replace the <IP Address> with your IP address found above)

echo "venet-0:0:<IP Address>" > /etc/magicspam/.shadow

4. Try registering your license key again and it should register properly now.

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