MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel 2.1-8 is now available for upgrade!

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MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel 2.1-8 is now available for upgrade!

Post by magicspam » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:59 pm

As part of our continued efforts to provide the best anti-spam experience for hosting providers, we are pleased to inform you that we now have a new release 2.1-8 available for upgrade!

In response to your feedback, we have now made available new core features in MagicSpam PRO:

- Enhanced content filtering rules (complimentary rules to increase the catch rate of existing SpamAssassin content filtering engine)

- The ability to manage customer spam template defaults and active rules and IP reputation lists

This release also includes additional updates and fixes:

- Update to render natively within the WHM interface without popping up a new window

- repair of 'Upgrade Now' button functionality

- updates for several broken layouts when using languages other than English.

- an added ability to see what spam rules / IP Reputation lists *would* stop a message that otherwise bypasses MagicSpam Protection.

As of this release, MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel will no longer be available for version 5.x releases of CentOS/RHEL/CloudLinux. While RHEL includes an extended life cycle package extending to November 30, 2020, the platform itself has been end of production since March of 2017. If you have not yet upgraded your operating system platform, you are strongly encouraged to do so in order to ensure you receive the latest software updates and security enhancements.

In order to upgrade, please log in as 'root' to a terminal on your server and run:

/usr/share/magicspam/bin/package-updater -o -a

This will automatically fetch and install the updated package. Releases *after* this update will once again support the 'Upgrade Now' button functionality.

As always, if you have any questions, feature requests, or other ideas on how to improve this product, please feel free to drop a line on our public forums at:

Thanks and Enjoy!
-- MagicSpam Support Team --

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