MagicSpam PLUS for Zimbra 2.1-2 is now officially released

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MagicSpam PLUS for Zimbra 2.1-2 is now officially released

Post by magicspam » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:13 pm

We are happy to announce that our team has just released a version 2.1.2 of the MagicSpam PLUS for Zimbra product line that includes the following updates:

* update to permit FLAG support for RBL lists

* update to use separate alert channel from Zimbra Standalone

* update to fix subject rewrite to write header as Subject: as opposed to all lower case 'subject:'

* repair of rate limiter freeze up causing high inode build up and High CPU usage

* new tool to check if a given IP address is listed on IP reputation

* fixed package upgrade system to work for the future

* repair of log rotation to work correctly

To upgrade, you can simply point a browser to:

Enter your license key, then select the operating system that matches your server environment, and upgrade by running:

IF your operating system is Redhat, CentOS, Cloudlinux or SuSE:

rpm -U --nopreun /path/to/downloaded/package

NOTE: due to some packaging issues in the previous release, the --nopreun flag is required to ensure the upgrade properly registers and starts services. This will not be required in future releases of MagicSpam PLUS for Zimbra.

If your operating system is Debian or Ubuntu:

dpkg -i /path/to/downloaded/package

Please note that after this release, all future upgrades will be installable by simply clicking a link "Upgrade Now" as this release repairs the interface upgrade functionality.

We thank all those who supplied us with feedback and feature requests and encourage you all to keep on sending us your great ideas for features you would like to see in MagicSpam to continue making this product better.

From all of our team, Thanks!
-- MagicSpam Support Team --

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