MagicSpam Release 2.0.2-1 is now available for download!

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MagicSpam Release 2.0.2-1 is now available for download!

Post by magicspam » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:01 pm

MagicSpam release 2.1-2 is now available for upgrade for the following integrations:

MagicSpam for Plesk (Linux - not PRO)

MagicSpam for cPanel Basic (not PRO)

MagicSpam for Zimbra

MagicSpam for Postfix Standalone

To upgrade you can simply click the 'Upgrade Now' button below. If you do not see the Upgrade Now button below, you can upgrade by going to:

and follow the manual upgrade instructions from there.

If you are running Plesk 12.x on Linux, you can upgrade by going to 'Extensions', then 'Extensions Catalog', and clicking on the 'Upgrade' button for MagicSpam there. If you are running Plesk 12.x on Linux, please do not be alarmed if you receive an error notification related to 'tls_ssl_options' - this is a benign error that Plesk Developers are working to correct and should not affect production service.

For all other installations, you may see an error message related to 'unable to find notification' - this too can be safely ignored as this is a result of a transition to ensure that all installations use separate notification channels.

This release includes:

- Repair of code to fix conditions that could lead to I/O error messages in logs
- Addition of minimal IPv6 support
- New SMTP policy addition (off by default) to prevent non authenticated IPv6 traffic
- Repairs to logging to ensure consistent bounce message logging behavior
- Adjustment of order of rules to ensure that personal blacklist entries are run after other rules

As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or features that you would like to see in future releases of MagicSpam, please feel free to post at:


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