Managing the IP Exemption List

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Managing the IP Exemption List

Post by Quotes » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:11 am

Please can I request three changes:

1/ Bulk export and import facility

2/ Comments field

3/ Support for Network Mask

Here's the reason why...
- many of Twitter's mail servers are blocked on List 4 (UCEPROTECT-1)
- for example
- corresponding IP is

I can add the IP but it would be useful to add a comment alongside like "list 4,"

However if you search for Twitter IP ranges you can find some of them at and they are expressed with network mask such as; etc

It would be easier to use the network mask notation so that I don't have to review the logs and search for individual IPs and apply retrospectively.

At the moment my IP whitelist is as follows:

As you can see this view isn't very informative, it could be shorter, and it would benefit from an import/export facility

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